There are many drone operators – but most are inexperienced and choose to ignore the true costs and safety issues associated with drones. Rather than risk your project or reputation choose Overdrones as we:

Are Fully Experienced

Both in terms of flying, technical, and creative capabilities needed for a variety of types of industry sectors and projects. The Chief Pilot has over 35-years flying experience. Similarly, the Directors have equivalent experience in the technical and creative sectors.

Are Fully Accredited

UK air space and civilian drone operations are governed by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). The CAA has granted Overdrones their essential “Permission for Commercial Operation” (PfCO) after vetting operating procedures and equipment.

In addition, each pilot has a licence to at least the BNUC-S standard.

Overdrones carries insurance cover of £5m, or an optional £10m for projects.

Use Professional Equipment

Only the best drones, cameras, sensors, and processing systems are selected for use, rather than a reliance on inferior consumer-grade equipment.

Are a Sustainable Service

Overdrones’ strategy is to develop long-term relationships of trust and mutual support with clients, rather than a short-term delivery at below sustainable pricing levels with unsafe procedures and inferior equipment.

Are a Nationwide Operation

Using experienced crews across the country and an appreciation of the need to provide an integrated and comprehensive service, Overdrones is comfortable with operating anywhere in the UK, and even overseas on request.

Are Versatile

From the supply of a basic flight and photo/footage-only service, to complex data sets and analysis, Overdrones is happy to work autonomously or within a wider team of professionals and existing client suppliers to deliver the end result for both technical or creative projects.

Have a Disciplined Approach

The very nature of drone flying and operating complex systems requires meticulous planning and appreciation of quality, efficiency, safety, and risk. This approach also extends into the actual production work too, and so content is produced and provided to clients to the highest standard and in an organised manner.

Are Forward Looking

The very nature of the rapidly evolving drone, camera, sensor, and data processing technologies, demands a constant awareness of these developments and possibilities, and their suitability and the need to bring forward and adapt work-flows if tangible benefits to customers can be found. Overdrones prides itself in constantly looking forward and introducing new technologies and techniques if viable.

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