SAFETY is at the core of our ethos. By using-ultra-safe drones with multiple-redundant systems and stringent operating procedures, risks from drones are minimised. There are other fundamental safety benefits for clients, personnel, and the Public when compared to other methods of working at height or in dangerous environments:

  1. Eliminates need to work at height for the surveyor.
  2. Removes the need for complex planning of working at height in high risk areas such as on or around fragile surfaces, under bridges or over wet gaps, potentially reducing the high associated costs.
  3. Reduction of time exposed to ground traffic in busy locations.
  4. Increased safety for general public.
  5. Better survey means less likelihood of further working at height. Tangible output created once, but used many times, by many different parties.
  6. More accurate photography (vertical as opposed to oblique angles from the building sides by cherry picker) could identify structural problems before they become a H & S problem.
  7. Removal of need for remote access trained staff. Also reduces the risk that unqualified staff will use the equipment (potential catastrophic results). i.e. The increased availability of “consumer drones” and the potential consequence for employer liability if the employee just tries to help out.
  8. Remote Access Platforms have their own inherent risks – for the user and to the surrounding public. Removing from the workflow eliminates this risk.
  9. Overdrones can get involved at the earliest of planning stages to assist designers comply with their duties under the Construction, Design & Management (CDM) Regualtions.
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