A Professional Service

Using a professional drone service for your projects, high-quality results can be achieved, costs minimised, and risks to working at height eliminated.

OVERDRONES is a Nationwide professional aerial drone (UAV) photography and video service, with full insurance, qualified pilots (BNUC-S standard), and is CAA permitted for commercial operation (PfCO) with drones up to 20Kg.

Either for technical survey work or creative, Overdrones is fully experienced and uses only professional equipment with a minimum of 2-crew for safety and the best results. Specialisms include visual inspection, 3D capture using photogrammetry for survey of structures or topology, and working in challenging environments.

Operating with both multi-rotor and fixed-wing drones Overdrones is able to provide both low-altitude detail, as well as larger area coverage of sites.

This includes: Ultra High Definition (UHD-4K) creative video or high-resolution photography. Using photogrammetry, Overdrones is also able to construct tangible 3D representations of landscapes or structures. The nature of these rapidly developing sets of technologies is such that Overdrones is constantly evolving. Currently operating multi-rotor drones (up to 8-rotor) for safety and power, with high resolution SLR-class camera systems integrated into 3-axis gyro-stabilised gimbal systems for fantastic stability, Overdrones can shoot either silky-smooth 4K video or superb high-resolution photography for creative or technical survey projects including 3D capture for topographic or for BIM. Project progress recording or imagery for bids (including CGI/VFx) are also great uses.

In addition, Overdrones with its experience and planning procedures, is able to safely operate in challenging environments such as highly regulated aviation airspace, sensitive heritage sites, urban or city environments, and can cope with variable weather conditions.

As a supplement, high-resolution ground-based photography can be added, or if drone operations are not permitted, a telescopic mast-mounted camera system can be used.

As a sustainable service and by building long-term relationships with clients, including many leading architectural and surveying practices, Overdrones has established itself as a long-term professional partner.


Overdrones is amongst the first companies in the UK to gain Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) permission for commercial operations. As such Overdrones is highly experienced across the many different types of drone work and technologies.

The revolution in electronics, such as for the mobile phone industry, camera quality, and improvements in Lithium battery technology, has enabled the possibility of lightweight drones with sufficient reserves of power to carry useful loads such as high-resolution cameras and for reasonable flight times. Gyro-Stabilized gimbal technology has also meant that silky smooth video footage can also be captured.

It was the combination of these technologies, and the fact that the founders of Ovedrones had already worked together on aviation-related projects, which led to the formation of Overdrones and its mission to supply a professional service to clients who want to exploit the third (vertical) dimension to see the big picture!


Founder of Overdrones and chief pilot, Dean is responsible for flight safety and customer relations.

With over 35-years experience as a qualified conventional fixed-wing pilot Dean brings great depth of knowledge and understanding about aviation procedures, and is also a qualified drone pilot to the CAA’s BNUC-S standard. Dean is passionate about bringing the commercial use of drones to organisations that can benefit from these new technologies.

Martin is responsible for the technical and creative aspects.

Growing up with aviation in his blood, Martin has also spent over 30-years in the creative industries and heritage. His diverse interests of music, video, photography, graphic design and aviation have all finally been able to come together in this one undertaking. The new drone technologies, with high resolution camera systems and other technical and creative capabilities, mean Martin is ideally suited to help Overdrones address the new opportunities such technologies enable.

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